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Empowering Physicians in Care

Serving Summa Health and Akron Children's Hospital

It's a difficult time to be a healthcare provider in America. We understand the unique pressures facing physicians today. We care for you, so that you can care for others.

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About Akron Physician Wellness Initiative

Akron Physician Wellness Initiative (APWI) is a new private entity offering services to all medical residents and fellows at Summa Health and Akron Children's Hospital, and all members of the medical staff (physicians and advanced practice providers) at both Summa Health and Akron Children’s Hospital. There is no charge for these services, and no electronic footprint (records are kept in a paper file).

What We Offer 

  • Private individual counseling for a variety of personal or professional needs.
  • Psychological assessment and associated services.  
  • Psychiatric consultation and medication management by our psychiatrist. 
  • Virtual services can be requested for follow-up sessions if requested.
  • Wellness promotion and educational workshops for departments and programs. 
  • All services are private, confidential, and discrete. 

Our Mission & Values


Mission Statement

In recognition of the unique pressures and stress faced in the training and practice of medicine, we eliminate barriers to, and provide prompt access to mental health services. These services are designed specifically for physicians and advanced practice providers so that their lives and well-being are enhanced, and a culture of wellness is promoted.

Our mission is:
To provide barrier-free mental health services designed specifically for physicians and advanced practice providers.

Vision Statement

Our vision is:
To normalize compassionate care, understanding, and support for providers with the belief that it will enhance both provider well-being and the healing they extend to their patients.

Our Values

1. Humanity: We see providers as human beings first.
2. Safety: We believe human beings deserve safe places where they can access and share their wide range of emotions.
3. Compassion: We believe the basis for other-compassion is self-compassion.
4. Respect: We recognize the deep value, worth, and goodness of every provider and that each makes a unique contribution.
5. Support: We recognize the unique pressures and stresses faced in the training and practice of medicine, and we believe community and connection are needed to thrive and succeed.